Freestyle EDU:

Teacher Training Program

Take Your Pedagogy to The Next Level With Our Accredited 4-Week Program

This is for you if... 

 You want to or currently teach a language
  • at any level: high school, higher ed or continued education
  • in any format: in-person, online, or hybrid

 You're passionate about learner success
  • speaking outcomes
  • stressing less & having more fun! 

 You need accredited training:
  • 40 CPE credit hours: Texas Education Agency
  • 4 CEUs: Mississippi Department of Education
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"My training at Freestyle truly changed the way I look at teaching as a whole."
- Sarah K, French Prof Extraordinaire!
   Endorsed by Gonzalo Peralta (Executive Director, Languages Canada)

By the end of our 4-week program, you'll be able to... 

 Recognize various language teaching strategies based upon theory, practice, and experiential learning through peer observations 

 Apply innovative strategies and methods that successfully develop communicative competence 

 Maximize student engagement and learning outcome through the use of technology and multimedia 

  Apply elements of gamification to your own courses and lessons 

 Design and use effective lessons with the flipped online classroom
A lot of language teaching traditionally has been more deductive: start with rules, then context. 

Freestyle does the exact opposite. 


I definitely like the Freestyle method much better - because I see that students learn faster. 


Our Model: What Makes Freestyle Successful?

 community of highly-trained professionals, who are passionate about second language acquisition

 culture of engagement that ensures that students interact with the language in a variety of ways, including outside of the Zoom classroom

 A communicative student-centered approach that leans on science-backed strategies

... All within the Flipped Classroom Model, proven effective to get learners speaking!