Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'flipped learning' and why do you use it? 

Flipped learning is a student-centered approach to instruction that eliminates lecture-heavy lessons by 'flipping' the typical presentation of content. We use it because the latest learning science shows students learn more effectively through this approach. This is a key element of our proven learning model! 

Source: To Flip or Not to Flip? A Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Flipped Learning in Higher Education.  Bredow, Roehling, Knorp, et. al

Are all of your instructors native speakers? 

Nope - and that's a good thing! What's more important than one's first language is their pedagogy: how they teach. All of our instructors - an intentional mix of those who speak your target language as their first language & those who acquired fluency over time- are extensively trained in the Freestyle methodology, proven effective to get you speaking. 

Are your language classes for me? 

Every learner is different - and we have something fun & effective for everyone! Choose your preferred learning style: conversation 'cafés', private learning options, or self-paced courses. All 100% online. 

How do I know which level is right for me? 

Use our handy level quizzes to assess which level is right for you! Click here to take one of our placement quizzes and view other level information. Plus: when you make an account, you can meet individually with our team of instructors for an informal (no stress needed!) assessment.  

When will I be speaking? 

Start speaking your first day! We guide you into level-appropriate speaking activities each day. Our flipped course design ensures that you spend most of your time practicing out loud, rather than listening to an instructor. 

Speaking goals vary by learner, but it takes on average 500 - 750+ hours to reach intermediate level proficiency (ACTFL). 

How do I know if I'm going to make progress? 

Our model is designed for your success: learners regularly go from complete beginner to holding an hour long conversations! You'll notice how much you're speaking at events and during live sessions. We offer the opportunity to meet with an instructor to assess your next recommended level.

Do I need to have previous language experience to Go Freestyle?

Not at all! We have options for learners of all levels: from Level 1 (designed for those with no prior experience) to Level 10 (designed for advanced speakers). 

What if I have to miss class?

It's normal to miss a few classes! All your course content is available online for you to use: whenever you want, wherever you go! Plus: catch up with Conversation Coaching sessions to meet 1:1 with our team. We make it easy to stay on track while staying connected.

How much do your courses cost? 

Self-Paced Learning: starting from $4.99 / month. Focus on pronunciation to learn faster with our workshops and progress through our innovative content at your own pace with courses starting at Level 3.

Conversation 'Cafés': starting from $25 / café or subscribe and save for $75 / month. Connect with other adult learners during 60 minutes of instructor-led dynamic conversation practice and fun learning activities.

Private Learning: starting from $45 / hour to $60 / hour. Learners enjoy more exclusive content, preferred scheduling, and customized learning options. 

"Speak to a man in his own language, and it goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela