a language model that actually works.
100% online

Freestyle students go from complete beginner to conversational (and beyond!)
with our fun & effective personalized learning options in: 

Spanish • French • Italian • English

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Why Go Freestyle? 

Learners of all levels become confident and conversational,
thanks to our ‘secret sauce’ and a team of expert language instructors.

But, most importantly,
it’s just plain fun. 
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The Freestyle Difference

The Model: Our 'flipped classroom' makes the biggest difference in our proven model! With our proprietary content and dynamic tools to learn on the go, you'll progress faster while having more fun. 

 Learn language as it’s truly spoken. We've designed our innovative curriculum through authentic materials (film, TV, music) for a truly global education. 

Professionally-Trained Instructors: Experience expert instruction. We train extensively in language-learning science and stay up-to-date with EdTech tools for dynamic and interactive courses.    

Conversation & Community:
  Build confidence speaking through relevant, everyday language from Day 1. Engage in fun, stress-free learning in a community of encouraging learners around the world.

Proven, effective to get you speaking! 

What Our Learners Say:

“Being in such an encouraging environment has helped me put myself out there and actually practice using French out loud, which does wonders for my progress.”
Claire, French
“The best part about learning online with Freestyle is that my conversation skills are steadily improving. It’s so worth it!”
Tom, Spanish
“The teachers are highly skilled and dedicated, the hours manageable, and the online content original and helpful. What’s not to like?”
Gail, Spanish
“Y’all rock. Thank you for everything you guys do. This is the most fun I’ve had while learning a language, period.”
Will, French

"Speak to a man in his own language, and it goes to his heart."

Nelson Mandela