Spanish Pronunciation Workshop!

Did you know...? You can learn a new language more quickly by focusing on pronunciation first!
“Aural roadblock is one of the reasons that learning a language as an adult can be so challenging." -Scientific American

💪🧠 The cross fit of language…strengthening the core (beyond grammars, structures, and even culture!), a refreshed focus on pronunciation:

  1. Improves your learning capabilities & potential
  2. Helps you sound more like a native speaker, making you more easily understood in conversation
  3. Helps you understand native speakers better!

Have fun and gain confidence speaking in your 'target language'!

Practice pronunciation and uncover the nuances and lyricism of spoken Spanish. Team Freestyle's approach uses authentic multi-media, including videos, audio, & more!

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Oscar Barrera

Your Instructor

While studying Business Administration at the University of Morelos, Oscar began teaching Spanish to visitors of Cuernavaca. He enjoyed teaching so much that he opened a small Spanish school in his hometown after obtaining his degree.

Our teachers come from a variety of intercultural backgrounds and experiences to enrich your language learning experience. Our secret sauce? In each language we choose the optimal mix of native speakers and non-native speakers with higher degrees in foreign language instruction who are true pros in teaching it!

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions  

How long do I have access to the course?

As long as you want! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

A Note on Spanish dialects

We created this workshop for the global Spanish learner. While our videos primarily feature our teacher Oscar, who hails from Mexico, the general trend in Spanish programs throughout the U.S. (ours included) is to teach a generalized variety of Latin American Spanish based on the most commonly shared linguistic features across Latin America. Usually, we teach the sounds of dialects spoken in the highland areas of countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Such dialects generally lack highly distinctive sounds like the “th” in Spain, or the “zh” in Argentina - however! We frequently address these regional accent nuances in our videos and in our classes. Overall, our Spanish workshop not only helps you learn about the different Spanish sounds, but our multi-media approach actually helps you practice them so that you can improve your accent 'pronto'!