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  8 weeks of instruction

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Our Proven Curriculum, Delivered 1-on-1

Get the benefit of our 8-week curriculum, developed over years, in individualized sessions with your instructor.

What You Get

   Virtual session weekly (60 min.)
Fun, dynamic, interactive 

   Customized Prep Lesson Videos
Build confidence & watch before class

   Dynamic Practice Activities
Crossword puzzles, dialogue videos, quizzes, answer keys, & more

   Pronunciation Exercises
Audio Files & Personalized Feedback

   Conversation Coaching
Meet 1 on 1 outside of class

   Virtual events (monthly)
Practice speaking in relevant context
*Times we offer PRIVATE course appointments
Mon: 7a-3p, 4p-9p
Tue: 7a-3p, 4p-9p
Wed: 7a-3p, 4p-9p
Thu: 7a-3p, 4p-9p
Fri: 7a-11am
Sat: 7a-7p
Sun: 7a-7p

All times listed in US-Central