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Share the love! Learning a new language together

It’s Valentine’s Day! Searching for a new twist on romantic things to do with your partner / crush / beloved / bffs? Here’s one non-cliche (and uber rewarding!) activity with life-long benefits we recommend: learn a new language together!

If the many benefits of learning a second language (see below…) don’t light you up with motivation, or even if they do already, we invite you to explore the idea of learning a new language with your special somebody!?

C’est vrai! Share a new experience and strengthen your bond through constructive growth…the process of learning together is a gift in itself!
Boost your resume (and pay!), increase your #cultural competency, connect more deeply…

 Why should I learn a new language with my significant other?  

#GoPolyglot: The Benefits

While we love the cognitive impact, and the possibility to improve your brain power, did you know you can simultaneously boost your career?! We especially love the potential to increase #cultural competency and the power of language to help you connect more deeply with others in our increasingly global society… the list goes on!

Embrace the collaborative challenge

The buddy system continues to stand the test of time, especially with language learning! Encourage one another in your shared goals, celebrate the milestones (successfully ordering una taza de vino en español at your favorite tapas restaurant, por ejemplo!), and support one another in the challenges, too. Accountability (it’s a thing!) ultimately helps both learners achieve their goals – while having fun and strengthening your relationship along the way! Win / Win / Win!

Connect with native speakers (at home and beyond!)

Did your significant other grow up speaking a language other than English at home? Imagine the impact on your relationship with their family when you can participate more fully in conversation at the next group gathering! A little goes a long way, as the gesture in and of itself shows consideration, care, and effort. (Ahem… not to mention, don’t you want to hear what abuela says about you at the table?) Even without family as a motivating factor, imagine the transformation language skills have on international travels together! Learning the language of the locals – no matter where you go in the world – enhances one’s ability to connect with those people on a transformative level.
“Speak to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. Speak to a man in his own language, it goes to his heart”.
                                                                                             - Nelson Mandela

 Best practices for learning a new language together  

Put a twist on your movie date nights

As Academy award winning director Bong Joon Ho says, “Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films”. Incorporate foreign films into your language learning routine to learn common words and expressions used by native speakers and to immerse yourself in the cultural nuances of spoken language – all while spending quality time with your significant other!

Browse this list of modern international movies found on Netflix. (Bonus points if you discuss the film afterwards using your language skills!)
Learn a new music genre or artist together

There’s beauty (and benefit!) in learning to let the language wash over you in your studies – what better way to do so than with music?! Listening to the top genres or artists of other countries offers insight to the culture, as you absorb the lyricism, phrasing, accents, and vocabulary too!

For Valentine’s day, we recommend sharing a romantic ballad with your partner – watch their face light up after a little digging into the lyrics! A few to get you started:

Spotify’s Top 50: France  Spain   Italy  
So much music in the world, so little time!
Attend more international and cultural events

Connect to the cultural scene wherever you live! Aside from foreign film screenings, add more museum exhibits (Austinites, join us at our Polyglot Museum Tour!), events hosted by consulates / chambers of commerce, and concerts in your own city! We recommend tuning in to these dates by finding Facebook or meet up groups in your area – also a great way to meet like-minded people!

Located in ATX? Stay up to date with Austin’s International Calendar and our own events, designed to take language and culture out of the classroom!

Engage now, thank (merci, gracias, grazie!..) us later ?
FLC’s Beginner Tango & Spanish Film Screening with our friends at Esquina Tango!
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