Team Freestylye

Freestyle's Top 6 reasons to learn a second language

While language learning involves dedication and commitment, it also delivers many tangible and intangible benefits, not the least of which is the fact that it's fun! A new language: the gift that keeps on giving. 🎁

Read on for Team Freestyle's Top six reasons to learn a new language this year!

#1 Expand your world

Take the plunge, branch out, diversify!

We see all different types who want to learn languages:
💼young professionals from different industries,
✈️ world-travelers
🎥 movie-goers
🎒college kids

Broadening your horizon means meeting new people AND new mindsets. C'est magnifique!

#2 Connect

Language is 100% about connecting people. Experience life more richly and connect more deeply. Learning a language allows us to better understand how other people think🧠, even highlighting how an entire culture functions.

Think about Nelson Mandela who learned Afrikaans while imprisoned to successfully negotiate with the oppressor, to successfully end apartheid.

Language & culture = compassion & understanding. 

#3 Ignite your career

Did you know?

On average, bilinguals earn between 5 and 20% more than monolinguals?

Plus! roughly 30% of companies said that if they had to decide between two equally qualified candidates, they would choose the bilingual candidate. As businesses expand globally, having multilingual workers on staff is becoming more important.

#4 workout your brain

Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter.

Studies on the cognitive effects of bilingualism keep multiplying; they show improved verbal and spatial abilities as well as memory and multitasking capabilities, while also protecting against Alzheimer's.

Quelles bonnes nouvelles! 💥

#5 be a polyglot

Polyglots have one thing in common: they know what it takes to learn a language. You essentially get the 3rd ( 4th, 5th...) language at "50% off mental effort".

Your brain is already wired for it; you know the patterns, the work required and the fantastic payoff. It gets easier as you add languages.

Why delay? Allez!  #gopolyglot !

#6 Have fun!

You've tried learning a language with an app by yourself, repeating phrases out of context for hours, or you've had it with taking tough language exams in college. In order to truly learn a language, you must speak with other people and have fun doing it! (link the article)

Time for a fun yet effective approach: virtual social events using the language in relevant context, such as learning to talk about art in a museum🖼️, cinema after a foreign film🎥, game night 🎲, or wine during a wine tasting 🍷 you're speaking our language! That's the Freestyle model -frequency in an entertaining way, combined with our solid innovative curriculum.
Freestyle is a lifestyle! Know your level? Take our 5 min placement quiz or sign up for free resources to start practicing today!