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C’est Le Mois De La Francophonie

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VOILÀ – some flags of la Francophonie!

Mois de la Francophonie, an annual global effort to promote the French language in the context of its cultural #diversity

Le Mois de la Francophonie, organisé chaque année partout dans le monde, a pour but de promouvoir la langue française dans le contexte de la diversité culturelle

Le saviez-vous?  Did you know?!
Over 274 million people speak French, across 5 continents!

Le saviez-vous?  
French is an official language of 29 countries?!

As the second most studied language in the world after English, French unifies a variety of cultures and geographical regions. In this blog series, we aim to educate and entertain by showcasing the diverse use of French as a shared common language.

Our roadmap for this month’s series consists of tips and tricks on how to sound like a native French speaker (learn how to nail those tricky accents!), an authentic Senegalese recipe in French (#bon appetit!), and a history of French farce and its impact on media all over the world. Join us as we celebrate the beauty and power of the French language!
French geographer Onésime Reclus coined the term “Francophonie” in the late 19th century to encompass all peoples of the world who spoke French. 100 years later, L’organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (IOF) began promoting cooperative relations in response to the ever-expanding global reach of the French language.

Today, French influence surrounds us! Around half of our own English vocab comes from French (picnic, boutique, cliché, and television to name a few). French, taught in every single country in the world, has the power to open one’s world!

Si vous parlez à un homme dans une langue qu’il comprend, vous parlez à sa tête. Si vous lui parlez dans sa propre langue, vous parlez à son coeur.
– Nelson Mandela, informing FLC’s mission!