Feb 25 / Team Freestyle

The Flipped Model Classroom for Language Learning: What’s All the Buzz?!

We frequently refer to the ‘flipped learning’ model, but what is flipped learning? Why does it matter to you?

It matters because:

  it’s science-backed;

  it offers the most up-to-date, 21st-century online learning (psst the last century called and wants its textbooks back); 

  it continually spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S for our learners.

Flipped Learning: What it is (and isn’t)

The flipped model turns the traditional learning approach on its head (did somebody say the opposite of traditional?! Oui, merci!)

What does that look like at Freestyle?

Professionally-trained Freestyle Instructors introduce the most essential concepts to be covered in each of our synchronous and asynchronous classes every week via personalized prep lesson videos. These videos expertly and engagingly (if we say so ourselves)…

1. Guide learners in a way that boosts both comprehension and retention; more metalanguage you say? In these videos, we use guided induction to trick you into learning!

2. Emphasize the communicative approach. i.e., what real everyday language are you learning from this theme? 
EX: Reflexive pronouns? C’mon. Nobody cares!

Voila! communicative task first ➜ simple grammar follows.

Students then apply the concepts covered in the prep lesson video through interactive and culturally-rich activities designed to build all the skills necessary to support speaking skills.  You can practice these either in our face-to-face virtual classroom (synchronously!) or on your own, asynchronously!
Voilà! After watching one of our prep lesson videos, students engage with the essential concepts through a wide variety of interactive activities designed to support the language skills (reading, writing, listening, pronunciation) needed to advance one’s speaking. 
¿Lo sabías? We supplement our flipped prep lesson videos with culturally-rich dialogue videos (such as the one above) to model real life conversation!

Why does Flipped Learning Matter?

Because it’s a student-centered approach to learning.

Flipped learning squarely puts YOU, the learner, in the driver’s seat. Not only does the delivery of our content offer the flexibility of time & place, it’s delivered using cognitively advantageous learning science, always with a cultural bend AND it allows for more meaningful and fun class time (when you join us synchronously).

It also gives you the chance to participate more fully and to receive feedback, making the face time you get with an instructor way more valuable. Instead of memorizing verb tenses and zoning out with the traditional lecture-heavy teacher-centered approach, class time can be spent fine-tuning your understanding and pronunciation while having fun putting themes into practice.

And Freestyle does this?


And very few (any other?!) language learning communities take the time or have the expertise to create a flipped model!

*On this note, we caution those learners who have serious goals to join a community online that is not using a flipped approach (that can be a great connection, but that’s basically a meet-up!) 

While we have a new global reach, (thanks COVID for giving us that final push to move 100% online!) we’ve been developing and honing these up-to-date science-backed methodologies to create successful online classrooms for years.

Our community of learners will tell you – its the best way to learn a new language!
All of our instructors are professionally trained using this methodology because we care about the quality of instruction, the content, and most importantly – the quality of YOUR experience!  Join us in our purpose-driven mission to connect people through language!

Experience language learning success in our
innovative & human-centered flipped model!