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Bon Appétit: Negroni Ricetta

Benvenuto to another Bon Appétit language learning blog post!

Follow the recipe below of the Negroni (in italiano), a famous Italian cocktail! And read on for a few of our favorite phrases to use at a bar or 

Connecting the many languages and cultures of Austin  – Polyglot Austin – that’s what we do!  We invite Austinites who speak French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese to share a recipe in their ‘madre lingua’. Have a recipe you’d like to share? Let us know and vi ringraziamo più tardi.  Delicious and dynamique language-learning allo stesso tempo!

 About The Negroni                                                         

Margaritas and sangrias may dominate summer’s cocktail menu, but the Negroni is your move if you’re going for a more continental and classy choice. Safe to say the bartender and your date or group of friends will be impressed. Made with Campari, a bitter-sweet liqueur that’s been around since the 1860s, the Negroni is a popular Italian cocktail that’s best enjoyed on a veranda with a scenic view. If you can hop on a gondola or watch La Dolce Vita while drinking it, then all the better!

BONUS! You don’t have to go to Italy to get this drink. Find it at local ATX favorites like Juliet’s Italian KitchenSophia’s Austin Supper Club or DIY using the recipe below!

 Ingredients (Ingredienti)                                     

 Instructions (Istruzioni)                                

Il Negroni è un cocktail facile da fare, ma state attenti alle dosi e a non annacquarlo troppo con il ghiaccio.

  1. Si prepara direttamente nel bicchiere.
  2. Versate del ghiaccio in un tumbler basso, raffreddatelo, scolate l’acqua, versate tutti gli ingredienti e poi mescolate.
  3. Completate con una fetta d’ arancia.

**Per ridurre il gusto alcolico amaro del cocktail Negroni, o per renderlo un tonico estivo, è possibile aggiungere la soda.

Let us know how it turns out! Forte o annacquato? Delizioso e pronto per servire alle feste! 

Read on to learn how to order the Negroni at a restaurant…plus, some other fun phrases!

 Favorite Phrases To Use At A Bar Or Ristorante:                                  

  1. Prendo un negroni con ghiaccio, per favore. – I’d like a negroni with ice, please.
  2. Ne vorrei un altro, per favore. – I would like another, please.
  3. Possiamo avere un tavolo fuori e un menu? – Can we have a table outside and a menu?
  4. Vuoi uscire con me stasera? – You want to go out with me tonight?

What would YOU like to learn to say for your next visit to the bar? Let us know and we’ll get back to you in italiano?! A presto!