Roger Hernandez

Spanish/English Instructor
Born and raised in the small city of Neiva, Colombia, Roger received his Bachelor in Foreign Language Teaching, which allowed him to expand on his passion for the English language, as well as his love for other cultures. It was after working in the private school system that he realized he was ready to start discovering the hidden treasures of the world. He moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina soon after. Since starting to teach in 2014, Roger has been fortunate enough to have a wide range of experience. In Argentina, he was able to expand on his experience in language teaching, focusing on both private, and business language classes. His interest in human psychology and language learning techniques really began to blossom and set the foundation for his career as an English and Spanish instructor. As fate would have it, Roger met an American girl and has found a new home in the U.S., where he loves to sit on his patio and read psychology books when he is not teaching.
The first thing that caught Roger’s attention about Freestyle was its mission to connect people through language. He loves the focus on diversity and inclusion, and that Freestyle creates a safe place where everyone is welcome in the community. He is so excited to work with this amazing team and learners at Freestyle.