Marie O'Connor

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Marie is the oldest of 3 daughters. Ever since she was little, learning new languages was fascinating to her. After high school, she studied Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico, majoring in Modern Languages. She then completed a Master’s degree in Education with a major in ESL.She has been a teacher for more than thirty years. Most of this time she has taught English for adults. These courses include basic and conversational English, and written communication courses. Marie has also taught Spanish as well as French for a short period of time, in which she was able to organize a trip to Europe so students could practice what they learned!
Being from the Caribbean, Marie loves going to the beach, cooking, dancing, and golfing. She is very excited to become part of Freestyle Languages as one of her goals is to create fun and enjoyable activities, so that students develop their communication skills with the Freestyle flipped model, making them feel comfortable and confident when speaking a new language.