Jorge Polo

Spanish Instructor
Jorge Born and raised in Valledupar, Colombia, Jorge’s passion for the English Language started at an early age when watching films on weekends with his Dad. 

During college at Universidad Popular del Cesar, Jorge joined AIESEC, a global company whose main goal is to empower young people to be leaders in the community. Through AIESEC, Jorge got the opportunity to connect with people from different parts of the world: USA, China, Egypt, Polan, Brazil etc. This was a life-changing experience as it allowed him to have a global cultural overview. 

After completing college with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English, he taught ESL in his hometown for 4 years. Subsequently, he moved to the US where he taught Spanish. He loves watching movies of all different genres, his other hobbies include reading, bike riding, swimming and working out!

He is excited to be part of Freestyle Languages as it aligns with his mindset about the power of languages, and its ability to connect us with people in all different aspects of life.