Elizabeth Mack, Diplôme Supérieur, M.A.

An incurable Francophile, Elizabeth is uncommonly passionate about language learning – especially the ability of languages to connect people. She holds a Diplôme Supérieur for French business and has worked in research for the Chambre de Commerce in Grenoble, France and as Marketing Coordinator for L’Oréal, Paris. In 2007 she earned an MA in 18th c. French Literature from the University of Texas and subsequently served for five years as Professor of French at Texas State University until 2012 when she left to form Freestyle Language Center. Through FLC she aspires to create a true language learning community with a fun stress-free model and effective methodology where using the language in relevant context is key. In the name of innovative, dynamic language learning, she presented “21st Century Language Learning: Interactive and Fun” (SXSWedu, 2014); participated on the Judges Panel for The Student Startup Competition (SXSWedu 2017); and showcased Freestyle’s innovative model for Interactive Language Learning in the Playground (SXSWedu 2019). As a mentor for SXSWedu (2015, 2016), she also had the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with others in foreign language acquisition and education.
Grateful for her experiences while living in France and in Holland (learning Dutch as a part of her heritage), and even while in Texas surrounded by 7 million+ Spanish speakers, she’s driven to help others experience the power of language, namely the tremendous rewards to be gained by connecting to other people in their own language…c’est magnifique!

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