Our Progress Guarantee

Advance to the next level - or repeat your class on us! 

(Yes, really...)
We offer everything you need to build your conversation skills.

Engage fully with our model & we guarantee your progression to the next level!

Here's how: 
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Enroll into any of our 8-week group classes at 3 days per week. Frequency is key to advancing your speaking skills! 


Attend 90% or more of your scheduled classes. Success is showing up! 


Attend one Conversation Coaching session (it's free!) per week and one of your scheduled events. Get ready to practice & have fun!


Complete all of your weekly interactive learning activities as instructed. No grades given - just do your best & show your work!

Our Model: The Freestyle Difference

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Conversation: Build confidence speaking through relevant, everyday language to hold real-world conversations. Start speaking from the first day!

Culture: Learn language as it’s truly spoken. We've designed our innovative curriculum through authentic materials (film, TV, music) for a truly global education. 

Professionally-Trained Instructors: Experience expert instruction. We train extensively in the flipped classroom model and stay up-to-date with EdTech tools for dynamic and interactive courses. 

Community: Engage in fun & stress-free learning within a community of supportive & encouraging learners around the world. Share your progress and stay motivated! 


It's science-backed

We tap into your brain's natural learning capability with our innovative model designed through research.

Throughout our courses, we rely on science-backed techniques & theories such as: negotiation for meaning, guided induction, and the flipped classroom design. 

(Krashen, Adair-Hauck, Bergmann & Sams). 

It's fun 

Your brain simply absorbs more when you're having fun. 

We design all of our courses to be highly interactive through engaging EdTech tools and classroom activities to keep you learning!  

Additionally, we infuse culture at every step of the way to infuse your journey with rich music, series, and film.