Megan Price-Williams

Traveling throughout her life, Megan found many places to call home. She fell in love with languages during her years in Odessa, Ukraine as she learned Russian with people at the market, on the bus, and under the guidance of a dear instructor. Upon moving back to the U.S., Megan continued learning Russian at a university and developed an interest in French as well. She began pursuing projects in graphic design and marketing as another way to connect with people and engage with local communities.

She currently resides in northern Georgia and will graduate with her Bachelor’s in Marketing from Georgia Gwinnett College in December 2022. Her favorite pastimes include horseback riding in the eventing discipline, visiting museums to learn about paleontology and space, powering up the PlayStation, and belting to Broadway. Megan appreciates Freestyle Languages’ mission to emphasize the power of language for relationships and understanding. She looks forward to sharing this passion with others and helping them connect with the world around them.